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I am a native Vietnamese, full-time freelance translator with 16+ years of experience in technical and commercial translations and ranked first among 5,000 Vietnamese translators on Proz.com, the world’s largest community of translation professionals.

Recently, I created a talent English Vietnamese Translation Team consisting of 5 highly experienced and qualified English Vietnamese translators to cope with increasing demands of our clients and we focus on more specific translation expertise as well as certified English Vietnamese translation services.

Our English Vietnamese Translation Team are dedicated to support specific or large-size translation projects requiring additional proofreading by a second qualified linguist and fast turnaround times.

What Makes Us Stand out from the Crowd?

We specialize in delivering fast, quality and competitively priced translations across a wide variety of translation industry including English Vietnamese general document translation, and financial translation, legal translation, and technical translation, healthcare document translation, website localization services and more.

Our fast, accurate and competitively priced English Vietnamese translations are being widely used and highly valued by our global brands and customers around the world.

qualified English Vietnamese translator

Education Background

I earned a university degree in linguist, a university degree in business administration, and several advanced professional certificates.

Our English Vietnamese Translation Team consist of 5 professional and qualified English Vietnamese translators who have recognized translation qualifications and a minimum of 10 years of experience in the translation industry.

Education Background
Our Translation Services

Experienced and Qualified English Vietnamese translator

Experienced and qualified English Vietnamese translator provides top-notch and professional English Vietnamese translations worldwide!

Our combined experience and knowledge helps us comfortably and confidently be able to offer you high quality English Vietnamese translation services in several areas of industry expertise that hardly be found by any native Vietnamese translator.

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Recent Translation Projects

qualified English Vietnamese translator

qualified English Vietnamese translator

Our Certifications and Membership

English Vietnamese Translator is certified to the translation services BS EN 15038 and specializes in delivering fast and competitively priced English Vietnamese translations across a wide variety of translation sectors, including financial translation, legal translation, technical translation, website localization, and more.

Our Certifications

English Vietnamese Translation Team

Our professional English Vietnamese Translation team are dedicated to support specific projects or large-size project requiring fast turnaround and our team shall be available upon request.

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