English to Vietnamese translation tools

How to improve the consistency and produce high quality English to Vietnamese translation?

The consistency and high quality English to Vietnamese translation can be definitely improved by using Computer-Assisted Translation [CAT] tool. How is this possible?

What is a Computer-Assisted Translation [CAT] Tool?

Computer-Assisted Translation [CAT] tool is a form of language translation in which a translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process. It can effectively reduce the translation time, enabling the translator to translate content in a timely manner. Computer-assisted translation is sometimes called machine-assisted, or machine-aided, translation (Not Machine Translation).

What is SDL Trados?

SDL Trados is the most commonly used software for translators designed to facilitate the translation process. This software is designed to help you save your time, speed up the translation process and also improve the consistency of your translations. Here, I summarize only the most essential translation tips for using Computer-Assisted Translation [CAT] tools for English to Vietnamese translation. In this topic, you will find guidelines and useful tips for use of SDL Trados 2015.

Provides English to Vietnamese translators a competitively commercial advantage

Many multilingual companies and translation agencies these days require translators to use SDL Trados or other translation memory tool software. By using Trados, the translator will definitely be more competitive and able to win more job orders.

Saves your time for English to Vietnamese translation

With each translated sentence you contribute to your future translations.

It would not be efficient translating the same phrases over and over again following the release of a new document version or after minor adjustments.

The Trados system stores and maintains a dynamic database of all previous English to Vietnamese translations. When presented with a new text, the software searches for matches and provides suggestions. The translator can accept, revise or rejects the suggestions; and final revisions shall then be recorded into the database.

Speeds up the process for English to Vietnamese translation

With the SDL Trados Studio translation memory tool the same sentences that reappear in other documents will be automatically translated. In addition, the translation tool automatically offers matches from the translation memory for similar phrases or sentences.

Helps to maintain consistency and achieve high quality English to Vietnamese translation

SDL Trados Studio and Multiterm help you build and maintain terminology and translation memory database. These types of databases help to reduce the workload while also promoting consistent style and terminology over the long term period.

When faced with large-size projects and high client expectations, SDL Trados Studio helps the English to Vietnamese translators to:

  • maintain a uniform style by using the Translation Memories;
  • ensure terminology consistency by using the Termbase.

This post will help you to learn the basics of SDL Trados Studio and hopefully you find it interesting and helpful. More guidelines and useful tips of working with Translation Memories and  Termbase will be followed in next posts and they may be of help to you in working and producing the high quality English to Vietnamese translation.

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