Professional English to Vietnamese Translator utilizes supportive software to improve translation quality and cost savings!

Accuracy, high-quality, error-free translations in your own preferred style are always guaranteed with proofreading in connection with use of innovative translation software which helps maintain consistency and prevent any discrepancies and punctuation mistakes during translation and to make sure that all translations are delivered with error-free and high quality.

All translations shall be thoroughly proofread and reviewed to correct any mistake occurred during translation process and to make sure that the most precise and error-free end products are delivered and tailored to suit the target audience.

Translation software and quality check tools like SDL Trados™, MemoQ and Xbench™ are not only used for quality check or speed translation process, I have also developed glossaries, memory database, and style guides for each customers to ensure that I always use preferred terms, maintain consistency in terminology, and save costs for the customers.

Professional English to Vietnamese Translator

Innovative Translation Software

Latest SDL Trados™, Xbench™ and MemoQ!

Even though the translation in itself shall all the times require a human factor, I utilize supportive software and translation tools to guarantee its consistency and quality throughout translations including SDL Trados™ and Xbench™ and in order to meet the needs of my clients as best I can; and besides SDL Trados™, I also use other programmes such as MemoQ on request!

SDL Trados Studio™

First-class supportive translation tool helps to maintain high quality and consistency of the translations!

For many translation projects, I utilizes quality check tools including SDL Trados™ and Xbench™ which are commonly used in the world of translation. The software were developed to further improve the quality and consistency of a translation.

Professional English to Vietnamese Translator

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High quality and consistency of translations are always guaranteed!

All translations shall undergo an X bench Quality Check as part of the quality protocol. This helps detect any inconsistencies as well as spelling and punctuation mistakes contained in the translations.

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Quality Management

Quality control shall be consistently applied to every single translation projects in order to make sure the delivery of accurate and precise translations all the time!

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Editing Services

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Professional language services, data security and confidentiality are guaranteed all the time!

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