Vietnamese Technical Translation

The most accurate and precise English to Vietnamese technical translations offered to global market leaders.

As a professional English to Vietnamese technical translator, I have has been providing the high quality and accurate English to Vietnamese technical translation and revision service to clients worldwide for over 20 years.

I take pride in providing the high quality, most cost-effective and accurate English to Vietnamese technical translation with proven expertise and quality service for dredging and land reclamation, marine engineering, offshore oil & gas, offshore renewables, subsea cable and rock installation, civil construction, machineries, automotive, household appliances, safety and protective equipment and I am able to produce timely and precise Vietnamese technical translations across the spectrum of translation projects as a result of my educational background and intensive technical experience working on technical and engineering industry.

I offer English to Vietnamese technical translations in many specialist industries including:

  • Technical & engineering: Technical specifications, operating manuals, technical reports, technical manuals, and instruction books and other technical and engineering documents.
  • Construction: Tender documents, soil data, wind and wave data, environment assessment, design documents, drawings, method statements, technical proposal, and many more.
  • Machinery: User guides, user manuals, handbooks, technical specifications, and other related documentation.
  • Safety: Safety data sheets, safety handbooks, safety policies, safety instructions, safety manuals and other safety documents.

Besides my bachelor’s degree in linguistics, I also earned bachelor’s degree in business administration, so I am at ease in several business and financial subjects, such as business & investment, finance & marketing as below:

  • Business & investment: Business correspondence, business plans, business reports, policies, country guide, investors booklet, and other business documents..
  • Finance & marketing: Commercial proposal, financial statements, marketing materials, surveys and questionnaires, market study, marketing contents, and other marketing documents.

My solid knowledge, extensive experience, terminology, field work experience and industry in-depth knowledge in industry sectors can make sure that you get high quality English Vietnamese technical translation services you need in the fastest, reliable and cost-effective manner that hardly be found by any native Vietnamese translators.

You can rest assured knowing that once the translation project is assigned, it will go smoothly from receipt of the requests till project delivery and follow-up with any comment and feedback from the end-users. 

I always thoroughly check all my English to Vietnamese technical translations for accuracy and fluency to ensure the work meets the highest quality standards. Making use of latest Translation Memory technology, I am comfortably able to ensure consistency of terminology along with cost savings for my clients.

See original customer testimonials on my Proz profile that shall give you an idea of why global clients select me for the professional English to Vietnamese translation services.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for English to Vietnamese technical translator and I would be very happy to help.